7 ways to spot a great wardrobe craftsman.

Behind every great wardrobe there lies a great master craftsman.  The indispensable, and sometimes unsung, hero who holds the secrets to an unforgettable look. One with years of wisdom into not just how to craft the perfect stitch and engineer the perfect seam, but enough personal experience and insight to understand how to adapt it to suit both the body built, and body language, of the wearer. Custom-clothing is not only expensive (some may be more affordable than others), but needs to be done just right to create the desired impact. So yes, if there’s anything more tricky, or satisfying, than landing that perfect gear, it’s perhaps finding the perfect master-tailor. Spot him or her once, and you know you are set for life.

So here’s an ‘Insider’s List’ about what to look for in a great wardrobe craftsman.


Does s/he ask questions? A great tailor will always probe you with a fusillade of searching questions. And typically, they will cover everything from your style to your lifestyle – including your choice in fabric and colours, the occasions and places you frequent, the company and people you meet, and beyond.

Detail driven

A great wardrobe craftsman will step well beyond ensuring your sleeves fit your pocket or your pocket squares don’t match your tie, to making sure your pockets have just the right measurement to accommodate your digital devices, for instance.

Great referrals

An exceptional master-tailor will usually have exceptional references and testimonials – from movie celebrities to sportsmen to socialites to politicians to corporate honchos and everything in between. However, it’s not always apparent or easily spott-able, so do your research well.


Great ‘wardrobe weavers’ usually inherit the craft from their family tree, learning the ropes, imbibing the tricks of the trade and perfecting a heritage of excellence that has consistently wow-ed earlier generations.


The right attire-creator is a hands-on magician. So while the studio or atelier (workshop) will sport the latest infrastructure, gadgets and tools, when it comes to the finer areas, s/he will readily get ‘down and dirty’, adding a personal touch to the final impact.

Fabric master

Craftsmanship is incomplete without the fight fabric. A wardrobe craftsman worth his or her salt, therefore, won’t leave it to external sourcers or vendors – and will be equipped with a wide and versatile assortment of fabrics ‘in-house’. And ideally, they will be handpicked from the finest countries, brands and manufacturers from around the world.

True to the motto

While a master-tailor will ensure the final product is flawlessly custom-ized to your taste and need, a true practitioner of the trade will not hesitate to put his or her foot down if your demands are not in your best interests, or is at loggerheads with the philosophy he or she stands for.

Relationship driven

While a great wardrobe maestro treasures his masterpiece above all, s/he equally cherishes the prospect of nurturing long and enriching relationships with the client. It’s a win-win situation, where the master-craftsman gets to know the customer ‘inside-out’, so to speak, over time – resulting in a truly satisfying sartorial experience for both the parties.