A Year in Style: The Kustomized Annual Wardrobe

We plan nearly everything in our life. So why not our Wardrobe? One of the constant challenges of our life is a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear. You have a hectic life and the duo of Karan & Moin is on a mission that has ‘you’ written all over it by planning your Entire Year’s Wardrobe. This unique idea is designed to make the most out of your needs and ensure you look fab-u-lous.

At its heart, the idea is simple. Experts from K&M measure out your entire year’s wardrobe in a single day. Imagine what that means! No more wasting precious hours worrying over what to buy or wear before that important presentation, the niece’s wedding or your next vacation.

But the advantage of a wardrobe made in advance doesn’t end there. What about your favorite clothes in your closet? Does a new wardrobe mean waving goodbye to them? Quite the contrary. The genius of a Kustomized wardrobe lies in the fact that it minimized wastage by taking into account your existing one. By mixing and matching your current gear with all-new creations, K&M’s Annual Package creates an intensely personalized wardrobe that’s a perfect blend of the ‘now’ and the ‘new’.

Add K&M’s other signature features like superb fabric collection, flawless craftsmanship, personalized Look Book and the oh-so-convenient ‘Doorstep Delivery’, you realize it’s the dream solution you’ve been looking for.

To looking your best, all season, all year.

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