Gentlemen’s Style Hacks

Dressing up is an art and it gets a lot more fun if you know a thing or two about it. Not quite sure you’re styling up right? We have curated these simple style hacks to make your everyday clothing easier:

  • Tuck in your shirt the right way:

When it’s time to tuck in your shirt, do the ‘military tuck’. It never fails to give you a sharper and more elegant look.

  • The shirt seam should always sit at the point of your shoulders

The fit & finish of your shirt is paramount for looking your best. The collar frames the face and is an equally important aspect.

  • Correctly align the edge of your shirt, belt and zipper flap.

As you have secured a perfect military tuck, always see to it that the edge of your shirt, belt, and zipper flap are all aligned in a straight line.

  • The only knot you need to know: Your tie

Always wear a tie to work, it looks classy and will never go out of fashion. Not anytime soon.

  • Socks that don’t shrink

Increase the lifespan of your socks by stretching them out on a flat surface before hanging them to dry.

  • Trying on shirts in the fitting room? You’re doing it all wrong

The best way to see if the shirt fits well is by sitting down as your body is much slimmer standing. If it’s comfortable while sitting it will definitely be comfortable when standing.

  • Match the color of your socks with your trousers or shoes

Always try and match the color of your socks or with your shoes. Never wear white socks with any formal or casual outfit as they are meant to be worn as sportswear.

Every man has to be well dressed to exude panache and confidence and contrary to the crowd-pleasing belief, being well dressed has nothing to do with how expensive your wardrobe is, but how stylishly and confidently you ‘carry them’.