Impeccable Style is a must

In today’s generation, everything is about following trends. But the most important trend that we must keep up with is fashion!

No one wants to walk around in a style that’s outdated and not hot-and-coming. Karan & Moin, the two brothers who’ve built an empire to break the heights of Luxury Menswear trends with all the emphasis on construction, cloth, longevity and, in most instances, timelessness. 

A research conducted by John Townsend and Gary Levy, and printed in the Journal of ‘Psychology: Interdisciplinary and Applied’ stated that ladies tend to find men who used “high-status attire” much more attractive!

Well, gentlemen, be ready to turn heads, because Karan & Moin are here to paint the fashion world with their exclusive fashion trends. If you wish to be unique or if you wish to be considered a trendsetter who is innovative, then Karan & Moin is surely the best choice. 

“Men, who were earlier known to show an aversion to the idea of standing out in the crowd, are now increasingly shunning the conventional ensemble for a more upbeat and fashion-forward look,” says Anil Talreja, partner, Deloitte India. 

Karan & Moin have designed a wardrobe that is no longer limited to special occasions. Luxury menswear trends are a way of life for men who are fashion lovers. They need to stand out. 

Bespoke Tailoring has been the talk of the fashion world and Karan & Moin are already ahead with their bespoke designs and finely crafted fabrics to suit your style. “Custom tailoring went out of vogue only for a short period as people became more aware of global brands and started buying branded clothes with graded sizes. This trend has now picked up in metros such as Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore,” says Talreja of Deloitte.

The avant-garde styles of Karan & Moin brand are here to establish the chicest trends in the fashion world. With their rarest fabrics from the finest brands, handpicked from around the world creating masterpieces, they are setting the alarms off for the fashion-police. To check out their latest designs and finely crafted fabrics, visit their website-

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