Karan & Moin: India’s Fashion Brother Duo

New Delhi, India (HT City) – When it comes to “sexy and smooth”, no one delivers the classic masculine style better than Karan and Moin. The new-age men designer duo has created one of India’s most distinctive fashion houses, adding their 30-year heritage of ‘Kustomization and dressing A-list celebrities.

Their exquisite creations are a perfect mix of the quintessential and the avant-garde, often inspired by the country’s rich couture tradition, and the brand has become synonymous with luxury and bespoke designs.

Delhi was the first place where both Karan and Moin started working, and it’s where Moin along with his two friends Vipin Handa and Anil Sehgal gave birth the apparel line MoinVilla Appearances (Previously known as just appearances a salon) with just two machines and small working space. Moin was already an established designer then when Karan joined, having done a crash course in designing, fabric and styling. The duo then opened their second branch in the year 1992 in GK 1 M block market which was a complete concept salon and apparel store which became an instant success. The business clicked immediately and conversations about opening another studio swiftly followed. The year 1998 marked the opening of another studio in Karol Bagh.

However, Karan & Moin’s big debut happened when the two friends who backed them lost interest in the business and parted ways. The result was the birth of the label Karan & Moin in the year 2002, an enduring brand that has a story with a strong emotional connect of value, pride and integrity that pretty much sets the tone for all their collections.

After so many years of working together, their partnership is down to the fine points and coming together to exchange ideas and argue – Karan will make you revisit that magnificence couture tradition and craftsmanship with Moin’s eclectic attention to detail to create bespoke delights for cultural gatherings.

They’ve managed to carve out a unique identity and cement some of their signatures for their own label;

  • International fabrics
  • Made-to-Measure
  • Customized ‘Quarter-by-Quarter’ packages that let you plan an entire year’s wardrobe.
  • Doorstep service

Clients can visit their stores at (all stores location) and select from a library of international fabrics and expect the Kustom, made-to-measure precision-cut pieces to arrive within a few weeks.