Kustomization: The art of wearing your suit, your way.

Surprised by the ‘K’? Don’t be. It’s the only way to differentiate a suit that is merely customized, from one that has been custom-crafted to perfection by Karan Sabri and Moin Sabri – the duo better known in ‘knowing circles’ as, simply, Karan&Moin.

Karan Sabri is known for his encyclopaedic knowledge of styling, designing, mix and match. Moin Sabri, on his part, excels in the areas of garment construction, pattern making and detailing. They both believe that the construction of a garment is as important as the design of a garment. And that it should be created according to the wearer’s posture, stance, body language, personal taste, social stature and age.

K&M offers its patrons three distinct ways to Kustomize a suit : Bespoke, M2M (Made-to-Measure) and Floating Canvas.

Bespoke, in short, is where an exclusive fabric and pattern is created for each individual wearer, and the final product is the result of multiple fitting sessions and detailed hand finishing. In M2M (Made-to-Measure), a standard sized pattern is altered to fit the wearer’s unique taste and silhouette. And in Floating Canvas, canvas is sewn between the lining and fabric of the jacket for a truly unique feel and finish.

At K&M, the journey of Kustomization begins by figuring out the purpose of the suit. Business? Wedding? Travel? First Job? Just an obsession? It’s important to be sorted in this department before taking the next step. Which is fabric.

Your suit doesn’t just need to wear great, it needs to perform as hard as you do, too. Suits can be made from wool, silk, cashmere, cotton, mohair, flannel or linen. At K&M, we recommend going for a fabric that is pure and breathable, lightweight yet sturdy, stylish and comfortable. The big goal? Your suit should both drape, and wear, well.

After you have chosen your fabric, comes the issue of fit. Fit lies at the heart of the Kustomization process. Your body type, the ‘look’ you want to portray, the comfort factor and cultural mores – all play a key part in deciding the fit of your suit. No matter what the ‘flavor of the season’, a well-fitting suit must drape well, look graceful and feel ‘right’.

Design is the next milestone we cross. From the taper on the shoulders to the vent at the back to the break on the shoe to everything in between – Kustomization lets you balance classic tradition with new-edge inspiration by offering several options to pick from.

It’s all in the details, they say. Details is also the last stop in our journey of Kustomization. This is where you take several critical decisions involving pockets, tabs, buttons, flaps, collar, cuff, lapel, trim, lining, stitch and personalized monogramming.

And end up look your best.