This Diwali Season, you all can look dashing, dapper! You should and have equal rights to dressing. It’s hard for men to decide the perfect festive attire. At Karan & Moin, we believe that every occasion deserves a perfect outfit and we’re here to guide you with our expert fashion tips and bespoke tailor (Karan designer). So this may be your predicament -Tired of wearing silk chidaar kurtas, embroidered luckhnowi tunics, Nehru collar shirt/ tunic with jeans with a ‘bandhani’ stole thrown on? Or maybe you are still digging through your old wedding wardrobe to pull out an ethnic outfit to wear at the family Diwali celebrations.

Okay. Fret not. Here’s how to unveil the fashion guru in you this Diwali.

 1. Black – Classy Style for a Dynamic Man

Infuse color with accessories like Indian ‘Juutis / Mojadi’ or colorful lace-up moccasin shoes. Throw on a silk stole! Wear tailored Kurta, blazer or Sherwani Jacket.

2. Grey – The casual look for the Cosmopolitan Man

A grey shirt goes as a base and layer. Blend it with a warm palette of ‘spice-like’ colors like sienna, indigo, lavender, ochre, taupe. The fusion of styles, like a, stole paired with velvet tasseled slippers. A shirt worn with a Nehru waistcoat gives a great casual look. Keep the top and bottom casual smart, while accessories in other tones of brocade, silk, and velvet.

4. Refined Pattern Play – Head to the Fashion Forward Man

If you’re a fan of red chinos/denim (casual is easier to dress up) there’s a small palette that works with it. Ensure that the patterns are small in size like a hint of floral print is fine, you can opt for small dots or gingham in other colors too. Addition of loafers is a fancy mix of materials.

5. Ethnic Chic – Gentleman with an Organic and Natural Persona

A touch of English and Indian blended in together with a pair of tweed pants and ethnic tunic combo. If it’s too warm to wear tweed you can also go for linen or light corduroy. Gold silk or warm color jacket highlights the earthy tones and textures. Play around with the color palette to offset organic colors that you like wearing.

There you have it, gentlemen. Have a go with these fresh ideas and tips and look dashing this Diwali season with the chic collection of Karan & Moin. Have a perfectly customized look with our amazing bespoke tailor (Karan designer). For more amazing ideas and high-quality fabrics, browse the collection of Karan & Moin at- www.karanmoin.com


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