Redefining Luxury Menswear

With the growing power of luxury designer clothing, gone are the days where fashion was defined as just a “Girls only club”. Men are ready to set trends in their fashionable ways. The modern man cares about his clothes and wardrobe. They need to consider every aspect like fabric and style to the cut, fit, and design. Karan & Moin, the amazing fashion duo with their bespoke designs have created a collection for men who want to speak fashion from their looks. They’ve invested not only their time and attention but also redefined the norms of personal and professional dressing.

Does it happen to you that whenever you have to attend a spontaneous event and you look inside your wardrobe, just to find that you have nothing casual-formal to wear? It’s always the same plain white shirt with a pair of jeans or a complete three-piece suit that you probably wore to a wedding. It’s to find redefine your wardrobe with some new fashion trends by Karan & Moin.

This weekend, carry the spirit wherever you go with the smart and classy semi-formal collection of Karan & Moin. Their luxury designer clothing and extreme high-quality fabrics give a chic finish to your clothes. The comfortable and snuggly feeling of semi-formal wear makes you feel exhilarating. Whether it’s a corporate event or a casual get-together with your friends, a semi-formal customized look by Karan & Moin will get you all set.

Karan & Moin are not just about semi-formal wear if you’re in for a big meeting with a client or a big promotion is coming up, power-dressing is your way to charm people in your first interaction. Blend in with the sharp business suits that whisper gravitas in every seam, dapper formal shirts that capture your personality from collar to cufflink and perfectly patterned trousers that ensure you put your best foot forward.

It is time to dazzle the world with your fashion trends. Get your own customized luxury designer clothing from Karan & Moin. To browse through their exquisite variety of luxury menswear, log onto-