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10 common Fashion Mistakes Men Make – the ultimate guide

Mostly men are consumed keeping a track of their favorite football team or new car launches. They don’t devote much time to pursue the latest trends in fashion. Assuming you are not aware of these fashion faux pas, we’re here to make sure you know the difference. Here are few no-no in terms of men fashion:

  • Over or Under Dressing 

When in any doubt always dress for occasion, proper attire says a lot about your personality.

  • Stop Following Fashion Trends                              

Wear whatever you want as fashion trends don’t last long Give preference to your personal comfort.          

  • Formal Shoes with Casual Denims                                                                                         

The only shoes you need to wear with blue denims is chunkier casual shoes to look a part.

  • Un-tucked Shirts

Find a right balance between casual and formal. Avoid wearing formal shirts un-tucked. There is a thin line between laid back and well dressed up.

  • Build a Wardrobe

Have a strong foundation by building your own wardrobe. Make sure that colors and tones of your wardrobe work with your style.

  • Piling up Clothes

Avoid having a closet full of clothes with nothing to wear. Instead spend time and money improving your wardrobe and have quality clothing

  • Being too Matchy

Keep your outfits simple with neutral colors. You don’t need to match every piece of clothing with same color and pattern.

  • Improper Grooming

Grooming is important guys. When a guy is grubby, people notice.

Dress for the Seasons

Regardless of the event, dressing for the season will enhance your image forward. Avoid looking like an out-of-towner.

Over Accessorizing

Over accessorizing is a dress killer. Accessories should be considered as sides to a main dish and not the main dish. It should not take away all the attention from your main outfit.

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