The difference between style and fashion is Quality

The aforementioned title is actually a quote from Giorgio Armani, an Italian fashion designer, distinctly noted for his menswear. As said there always has been a certain joy associated with something that has been well made. Every fashion lover wants something that’s going to last, as it is an investment. We live at times of fast fashion, and it will be safe to say, in trendy world of fast fashion, quality doesn’t last. A sudden hole, a hanging thread or a t-shirt that suddenly aged, we are sure all this has happened to you at some time or the other. Cheap price tags and fast productions are declining the quality of our clothes.

We at karan and Moin are on a mission to bring back the lost glory of great fabrics coupled with great sense of style. Pure, long lasting and breathable fabrics are the backbone of our master-class creations.  To start off with, we want you to buy better clothes that last long. You don’t need to be clothing experts to judge clothes, here are some useful tips to figure out better quality:

  • Check the label – Check the label to understand the type of fabric used. A lot of times even a 100% cotton garment can be of low quality. Buy fabrics that feel like natural fibers.
  • Touch to feel it – Perhaps the best way to know the quality of a fabric is to touch it. Rough, brittle or thin, you would know. The more the fiber the longer it will last.
  • Hold it up in the light – A lot of manufacturers add starch to make a cloth heavier and smoother. To know the density of the weight it is advisable to hold it up against the light.
  • Seams, inside and outside – The stiches are as important as the fabric itself. See if the stiches are even and closely placed. Have a look on the inside if you notice stiches multiple times, it’s a warning sign.
  • Cut Corners – The fabric of any garment should be either cut straight, along the grain or on a clear angle. If it isn’t the case, the garment will pull out of shape overtime.
  • Good quality costs more – Like it or not but the reality is if you want good quality fabric it is most likely to cost more. As they say cheap clothes cost cheap for a reason.

And last but not the least, to wear a garment for years you’ll have to really like its style. Karan and Moin’s rarest fabrics from the finest brands are handpicked from around the world creating masterpieces. Then take a few minutes to check out our bespoke designs and finely crafted fabrics to suit your personal style:

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