This Shaadi Season Men will have ‘All the Fun!’

The bride’s ensemble is always the talk of the town but perhaps only because men haven’t been having a lot of options. They deserve as much attention as their brides. This shaadi season it’s time for the grooms to have all the fun and enjoy equal limelight as well.

Whether you are a groom or a guest, it’s time to go sublime and gear up with Karan and Moin’s Wedding Collection that exudes unmatched craftsmanship, impeccable customization, fabulous designs and an unbeatable range. An exclusive collection that’ll make the girls just a little bit annoyed with you diverting attention away. India has always been a home to luxury since the age of the Maharajas and working with Karan will make you revisit that magnificence couture tradition and craftsmanship with Moin’s eclectic attention to detail to create bespoke delights for cultural gatherings.

We are on a mission to bring back the lost glory of great fabrics coupled with great sense of style. Pure, long lasting and breathable fabrics are the backbone of our master-class creations. To start with, we want to engage directly with you, invest in your personal style to provide you with a custom-made wardrobe at best-in-class prices.

The Karan and Moin Experience

  • Impeccable customization
  • Matchless Craftsmanship
  • Rarest fabrics from the finest brands
  • Convenient Doorstep Service
  • Exquisite Accessory range
  • Personalized Look Book
  • Unique Gifting option
  • Attractive Referral offer

Men Wedding Shopping Reimagined

Men like to dress well, but are known to avoid shopping. So, we’ve transformed the traditional shopping experience and built something unlike anything out there for men like you.

A Private Appointment Customized for You

From our doorstep service to our collection of premium fabrics, each experience is designed keeping you in mind to help you find the perfect fit and at your convenience.

It’s all About the Details

This wedding season get ready for your personal touch with made-to-measure tuxedos, suits, bandhgalas and exclusive groom’s collection. At Karan and Moin we give you the power to personalize each garment to match your specific style and personality, a rare opportunity to design every detail of your garment.

So all you men out there who are gearing up for their wedding or to attend one, take a look at our list of options you can try this season:

The Classic Tuxedo

The classic black tuxedo can never be forgotten. Black goes with everything, pair it with a well-tailored white shirt and you are all set for the evening. Perfect fit for a cocktail party or reception, one can never go wrong with this style.

The Magical Beige

Beige is one of those colors that fit well on any occasion and suits every style. Mix it with a crisp white or blue shirt for that jaw-dropping look. Soothing for the eyes, beige is best suited for outdoor functions.

The Waistcoat Look

A staple for every occasion, waistcoats are a practical extension to your wardrobe as well as a stylish one. A nice waistcoat with a straight shirt and linen pants is all you need to look well dressed.

The Elegant Bandhgala

From our Prime Minister Shri Narender Modi to Jeff Bezos, Bandhgala has been embraced by everyone around the world. Be it an engagement, wedding or reception, this style is here to stay.

Afghani Suit

Designed for occasions like Haldi, Mehndi and Sangeet, Karan and Moin’s Afghan suit is for those with a well-built body. Wear this wedding season and get a lot of female attention.

Kurta Pyjama

Kurta Pyjama is the go-to option that comes to mind for any Indian celebration. Pair it with a Nehru Jacket and Jutti and you’re good to go.

Millennials are always short on time to shop for themselves or to go to a tailor. Well with Karan and Moin the tailor comes to you. So if you are too busy to make it to our studio our mobile master tailors will come to you wherever you are.

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