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When it comes to celebrations, nothing can match the energy and opulence of the proverbial Big Fat Indian Wedding. India witnesses a record number of weddings in the month of December and January. According to a consensus a whopping 10 million weddings take place in India every year, making it a 12 billion industry. The Indian wedding season – coupled with the festive season – brings in a great surge of enthusiasm for the demand of traditional and ethnic wear. The consistently evolving ethnic-wear market in India stands at 13,100 million today.

A movement against the British Empire by Mahatma Gandhi boycotting imported goods has today turned into a fashion statement. The versatile Nehru jacket has witnessed innumerous fusion experiments and has been the mainstay of our politicians’ wardrobes for over 7 decades. The exquisite nuances of Indian ethnic and traditional wear dates back to the pre-independence era – all the way back to 2500 BC.

Today men traditional and celebration wear is inspired by art and the country’s rich cultural heritage. The grandeur of Indian wedding is often marked by the eagerness of friends and family to see the fabulous wedding dress the bride has chosen for her D day. Having said this, the groom’s attire is equally important to compliment the bride. The medieval plain Kurta Pyjama has given way to a more upmarket and trendy Sherwin and Bandh Gala. Sherwin signifies magnificence, elegance and style. Trends gaining popularity this season are Embroidery and Prints.

Acknowledged by many designers, the heavy texturing gives a regal look to the embroidered Sherwin’s. The bride’s gorgeous look is perfectly complimented with the groom’s Sherwin, with chosen colors blending with each other to magical effect.

On the other hand, the Bandh Gala – popularly known as the “prince coat” – has gradually but surely become one of the most preferred formal apparel at weddings, along with formal functions, aristocratic gatherings, and, most importantly, the royal courts.

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