Welcome to the Great Indian Wedding Season

The incredible spectacle of an Indian wedding is marked by starry eyed couples – resplendent brides and dressed to kill grooms. India loves its traditions and its weddings are a show of strength, opulent celebration of traditions and a return to social conservatism. The magical venue adds to the grandeur of the setting.

As the wedding season kicks in, you are faced with the inevitable question of, what do I wear? In a rapidly modernizing environment, India’s millennials are changing the way they dress for their wedding. In keeping with the changing times, men are more willing to experiment and wear interesting styles. Today Indian style is a mix of traditional and western fashion. At the forefront of traditional market are the bridal designers and men’s designer wedding attire. With a deep focus on color co-ordinated wedding outfits, grooms today aren’t typically dressed. Brocade and heavy embroidered sherwanis are a thing of the past – and more subtle and unique cuts with silhouettes are taking center stage.

Giving the masculine look a new meaning are the cut and the choice of fabric which is a big departure from over-the-top embroideries and loud colors.

Today’s brides and grooms are confident, well read and know what they want. More couples are choosing professionals to handle their weddings regardless of the wedding size or grandeur. The first thing they search is ‘customization’. Clothes customization is becoming increasingly important as it adds personal touch and enumerates the value of exclusivity.

Whilst bridal wear dominating the business of Indian fashion, a groom looking and feeling his best is just as important as the bride’s dress and accessories. Thanks to Karan and Moin’s Kustom-tailored men’s wedding wear, you can forget about off the rack purchases and own a fashion that ideally suits your style, personality and body language. A great wardrobe experience begins with a great fabric and Karan and Moin’s pure and breathable fabrics are the backbone of their master class creations.

As we head straight on to 2017 wedding season, here is a list of some major Karan and Moin trends for Indian grooms –

  • Nehru Jackets and Bandhgalas: While in vogue for the last couple of years, Nehru Jackets are among the top global style trends. This wedding season up the ante by several notches with Karan and Moin’s elegant Nehru Jacket that adds panache and refinement in equal measure. The stylish bandhgala often referred to as the Prince Coat assures a royal look.
  • Sherwani: The hot favorite of Indian grooms, this classic outfit is a mix of tradition and regality. Add a sheen of aristocracy to your special moments with Karan and Moin’s Kustomized Sherwanis that comes master-crafted and thoughtfully paired to make you the cynosure of the moment.
  • Churidar: A major force every wedding season, it adds a layer of aristocracy to the Wedding Look. Compliment your wedding gear with a Karan and Moin Churidar to make the celebrations truly special and memorable.

Today’s discerning grooms – no matter which generation they belong to – demand exclusivity at all costs (yes, the pun in intended). And more and more, they are getting exactly what they want.

And not a moment too soon, too! After all, when it comes to magical wedding clothing, why should the women have all the fun?